The dang thing worked

October 2020

If your rival is banned you get all the users
Cambodia is among the several countries using the pandemic to crack down on free speech and dissent. Human Rights Watch has been documenting cases of…

September 2020

In Hong Kong, a media tycoon and democracy activist, Jimmy Lai, is arrested. His company is publicly traded. So people who support his advocacy start…

August 2020

Facebook blocked a group with over 1 million members in Thailand because it is critical of the Thai monarchy. In Thailand it’s illegal to criticize the…
and other tales of internet censorship

July 2020

Chargebacks, Anti-Terror abuse in the Philippines, Myanmar journalists driven underground, etc

June 2020

Apple has pulled a podcast app from the app store in China. They did this because it allowed users to access content deemed illegal in the country…

May 2020

i read it all so you dont have to - 5/22/2020
somewhere between the internet, censorship, and finance
i read it all so you don't have to - 5/7/2020
i read it all so you dont have to - 5/1/20